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check the fuse, the speedometer does not run off of a fuse

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2005-09-05 22:11:47
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Q: Your odometer stopped working is there a sensor you can change your speedometer works fine?
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Why doesnt my speedometer in a 92 jeep Cherokee workbut the odometer does. I have replaced the sensor.?

you need to change the speedometer cause if your odometer is counting then speedometer should be working too. make sure your speed gear its working its in the side of the transmission The odometer and speedometer read off of the same signal. If one works, the signal is ok and the other gauge is bad.

How can you fix the odometer on a 1994 Nissan Bluebird ARX when the speedometer is working?

Sorry, it can't be done. You have to change the whole unit because the odometer is tamperproof. Check with your Nissan dealer to see what your options are.

How do you change odometer cable on 1969 camaro?

odometer cable and speedometer cable are the same thing, unscrew cable from speedometer head under the dash and unhook it from the tranny and pull the cable out and replace with a new one.

Where is the odometer located in 2006 Honda Accord?

Under the speedometer. Push the trip meter reset button and the display will change from outside temperature to the odometer.

How do you change the speedometer setting on a 1988 jeep Comanche 4x4?

Good question. BUT in most states it is illegal to change the odometer on a motor vehicle.

Does rim size change miles per hour?

The over-all size of the tire and wheel would change the calibration of the speedometer/odometer.

91 Chevy S10 pickup's speedometer and odometer does not work what is wrong?

i have a 91s10 4.3 auto and mine is not working either im going to change the vehicle speed sensor on trans and see if that works

How do you change odometer light bulb Holden Astra 2002?

my light on the odometer is not working anymore how do you replace the bulb on it

How do you change the clock on a BMW 325CI?

push in the odometer button on the dash by the speedometer and gently turn and hold knob to desired time.

How do you recalibrate speedometer and odometer on 1995 Chevy 1500 z71 with 35 inch tires and lift kit?

Jet Accu Speed Speedometer calibrator. It adjusts your speedometer for bigger tires or gear change. Only works on automatic transmissions.

Speedometer lights ain't working on 2000 maxima.i tried hookin up my CD player an sounded like fuses blown which did an i took itto a professinal an they replaced the fuses an odometer lights stilout.?

change the light bulb

Why does my speedometer and odometer still not work after changing the speed sensor in my 1993 Aerostar?

witch one did you change the one in the dash or on top of the rearend

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