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The phone is locked to a particular network and we remove the network lock to use any sim with that phone.So if you want to remove the lock of orange network from your phone you need to get the unlock code from Unlocking4u.com wherein you need to specify the mobile make,model,country and network to which it is locked.they also provide free instructions along with the unlock code.

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Are orange rio's from argos locked?

Yes Orange Rio's from Argos are locked with a Orange sim. You can unlock the phone in a shop

If a mobile phone is locked will the sim card still work in another mobile phone?

it depends on weather its the phone that is locked or if the sim card is locked. if its the sim card then you need to call telstra and they can unlock it for you. but if its only the phone then the sim card will always work on any other phone

Can you unlock a phone that is sim locked aka carrier locked when you root it?

Yes, you can unlock a phone that is SIM locked with the carrier by rooting it.

How do you unlock a SIM card for a cell phone?

the answer is usually on the back of your sim card if you do 10 rong attempts at the code it will be locked forever like mine!

How do you unlock a SIM card with out the password?

You do not unlock a Sim card; you unlock the phone To do this without modding the phone or getting an unlock code, you can go and purchase a Sim card add-on such as Turbosim or Hypersim.

What exactly is orange sim?

"An orange sim means nothing, but an Orange SIM card is a pay as you go type of card. Orange is a mobile phone service company, and according to their website, a sim card is free."

What is a PUKcode on your phone how to unlock it?

Its called personal unlock key.. If your sim pin is locked, puk will help you unlock it! But if puk is also locked, you'l have to buy a new sim. If its not blocked, you can get it from your sim customer service guy..

What are the benefits of a SIM card from Orange?

There are many benefits of a SIM card from Orange such as receiving up to 4 Orange sim cards totally free of cost. After signing up for Orange sim card, you will instantly receive a five pound credit on your card!

How do you open your blocked SIM card?

If you've locked your SIM card (by entering your code wrongly) - you need to contact your network provider on another phone - and ask them for your phone unlock key (PUK).

How do you unlock sim card in nokia after permanent locking?

If you have permanently locked a SIM card then you will need to request one from your provider. Most cases they will issue you 1 free for the first time but if you continue to lock them then they will charge you

You just got a blackberry that is open to any network but it wont accept my sim-card it says invalid sim card what do you do?

If you are getting Invalid SIM or Incorrect SIM when you insert a SIM card from a GSM provider, then it would mean that the Blackberry phone is still locked to the original carrier. You would need to unlock it first.

Unlock HTC Touch Pro2 T7373?

Very easy to unlock HTC Touch Pro2. Just insert Invalid Sim card. it will ask you for unlock code. enter unlock code. Your Locked Touch Pro will be Unlocked and able to accept any GSM Sim card. For more Guide contact to http://htcimeiunlockcodes.com

Can you use an orange sim card in a Samsung Galaxy y?

Yes - if the phone is either already locked to the Orange network - OR - it's been unlocked to all networks.

How to get a vodafone sim card to work on tmobile phone?

You can use a Vodafone SIM on a T Mobile phone as long as the phone is unlocked. If you are getting a message that says, "Invalid SIM Card" or "Incorrect SIM Card" when you insert your Vodafone SIM, then that means the phone is still locked to T Mobile, so you would need to unlock it first.

How do you unlock t-mobaile?

What definition of unlock? • Unlock a locked sim? • Unlock the phone for use with T-Mobile

How do you unlock nokia N80 i forgot the lock code?

I WANT to help me now my nokia n 80 is locked with out sim card what i can do now

What is an orange SIM card used for?

An Orange SIM card is a necessary accessory for Orange brand cellphones. The card allows cellphone users to call, text, and transmit and receive data.

How do you unlock SIM card?

if you write your Sim card code or PUK code incorrectly many times your whole Sim card is blocked!! i suggest you should get new Sim card instead.

How do I enter unlock code for htc touch pro 2 if The phone don't ask YOUfor an unlock code when I inset sim card?

If you insert the sim card in the HTC Touch Pro 2 and it does not prompt you for an unlock code then try using another sim card. Inserting the sim card should prompt for a code.

How do you unlock a safelink wireless SIM card?

How do unblock sim on safelink phone

How do you get your number up on the rio orange?

when you get your orange sim card it should say somewhere on the sim card pack. Failing that, I personally keep a contact with my own number ON the sim card, so that i can get to it no matter what phone it is in.

Nokia 6085 but it wont unlock can you unlock without sim card.?

Yes, you can unlock your Nokia 6085 without any sim card by getting an unlock code from Unlocking4u.com and following the free instructions provided by them.

Can you put an o2 sim card into an orange phone?

well it is not possible but if you check with orange you could get an o2 sim in an orange phone

Can I put sim card in sim free version iPhone 4S?

Provided the handset is not locked to a network and it's a micro sim card you use, yes.

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