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Don't worry just use a big tampon or panty liner

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Q: Your periods are not regular you got your periods 3 days before after 4 months and you are having breast pain and heavy bleading?
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Enlarge breast late periods no pain in nipples could you be pregnant?

late periods is not the sign of pregnancy but no period is. enlarged breast are signs seen before periods.

Can you breast still be sore while on your period?

Breasts usually get sore when you are pregnant and not when you are having your regular periods.

Why do you feel stiffness in your breast before periods?

because of hormones and swelling or cysts.

Can breast formation start before start of periods in a 9 year old?

Yes they can. Some even before that age.

Is it normal to have sore and heavy breast 3weeks before your period is supposed to come?

These signs of the breast ,are well into your early pregnancy, not if your periods is supposed to come.

Can you have breast cancer because you started periods at age eleven?

Beginning menstruation at the age of 11 is not abnormally early, but the longer you have periods, the greater the risk of breast cancer. You need to take the normal precautions that all women should - regular self-checks and annual doctor's checks. If you have additional risk factors such as a family history of breast cancer, then seek advice for the checks you should have.

Is it normal not to have had a period after giving birth nine weeks ago and breast feeding for four weeks?

Absolutely normal. You will probably find you will have a period very soon as you have stopped breast feeding. You will need to use contraception even if you are not having periods as you can get pregnant before your periods return.

Does breast sucking by your boyfriend leads to delay in periods?


How does depo affect you if your tubes are tied and you want to come off the shot?

You might have irregular bleeding as your body resumes it's normal menstrual cycle. If you had cramps and breast tenderness with periods before depo, they'll likely return as your regular cycle starts again.

How soon after childbirth do you get your menstrual cycle back?

It depends. If you decide to breast feed it may take 6 months to 1 year of regular feeding, some women do not get their periods back until after they stop feeding! If you do not breast feed, roughly 3 months.

Your periods are irregular after given birth is this normal?

It can take months for your periods get back to normal, especially if you are breast feeding you can miss periods or have long times between them. You can still get pregnant while breast feeding and having irregular periods though so you should still use contraception.

Do periods make your breast grow?

No, going through puberty makes your breasts grow, but you get your periods as you go through puberty.

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