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Your throat is inflamed, probally the tonsils initially and the inflamation has spread to the epiglotis

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Your throat hurts to swallow and talk?

my throat hurt everytime i talk and swallow everytime i try to bearth in or out.

Sore throat hurts to swallow bumps on tongue?

Strep throat.

What could i have if i don't have a cold but my throat hurts when i swallow?

Sore throat or if it hurts really, really bad it could be strep throat

What does it mean when you swallow and your brain hurts?

strep throat

How come when you swallow your throat hurts?

That probably means that you have a cold or a sinus infection.

What are the symptoms of the disease of strep throat?

flamed up red tonsils. hurts to swallow. coughing and pain in throat

When you swallow and your throat hurts what does this mean?

It probably hurts when you swallow b cuz you have a sore throat or sinus infection. A sinus infection is germs or bacteria in ur throat. Dont drink any thing that is cold just gargle salt in water n u will b okay.

How do you know when you have a sore throat?

Usually a sore throat hurts first thing in the morning when you swallow and it probabaly looks red at the back.

Sore thraot and it hurts to swallow What is wrong with you?

Some form of bacteria like strep has clung to your throat

Why does the throat hurts to swallow but does not hurt to talk It hurts more at night and do have a cough here and there?

If it's what i have it's strep thought (tonsillitis) go talk to a doctor.

You have had a sore throat which hurts when you swallow for nearly a week Is this normal?

no its not normal. It could be anything form allergies to a throat infection to acid reflux. I would go to your doctor.

What is wrong you have a sore throat and it hurts to swallow?

you probably have tonsillitis is your throat swelling really bad? if so go to the doctors and have it checked better safe than sorry

What does it mean if your throat hurts to swallow?

you probably have a strep throat but in a few days it will go away. The above is bad advice: If you have a sore throat, you should definitely go to the doctor, because if strep throat is a possibility, it an be very dangerous.

I have bumps on the back of my mouth and lumps under my tongue it hurts to swallow?

If you have bumps on back of your mouth and under your tongue and it hurts to swallow, you are most likely coming down with some kind of virus. It may be strep throat and will need to be checked out by a physician.

What happens if you hit your throat really hard and it hurts to swallow?

if you hit your neck hard enough you will become paralyzed so dont do it and your throat is hurting because you damaged it try not to do it again

My throat hurts i have a stomach ache im very dizzy i cant move my throat is dry what is wrong with me?

If it is hard to swallow as well then you most likely have strep throat. If that is the case the reason that you have a stomach ache and your dizzy is because you are malnourished because you haven't been able to eat or drink because your throat hurts. if that is not the case then i suggest you go to the doctor.

What if your throat hurts when you swallow?

You have a sore throat.. Nah you probably have a cold or throat infection. Or you you have strep throat. too bad so sad. :( i had it once. it will go away in a cople of weeks. :) You could also drink some tea with honey. That could help. ;D

Is excess saliva normal when you have a sore throat?

sometimes usually not though. it depends on it. if your throst is red mabey. but if it hurts to swallow you should probably get it checked out.

Is there something wrong with me I have had a really sore throat for 4 days now and it hurts to swallow cough or yawn What do you think?

you may have a severe cold or flue

Is it bad to smoke marijuana when your throat hurts?

it depends on why your throat hurts. if theres some kind of clogging or something in there then no you shouldn't

What does it mean when your oesophagus hurts?

If your esophagus hurts you may have strep throat.

If you have a sore throat and it hurts to swallow what should you do?

i would recommend that you drink hot tea or something hot to relive the pain and spray some throat stuff that will make your throat go numb and you will feel better, i would also recommend that you try to sleep and no talking either that will give you an easier time with your throat.

What does it mean when your belly hurts so does your throat?

Why does my throat and belly hurt

What should you do if your throat hurts?

Eat/drink some medicine, or drink some water. It really depends on how bad your throat hurts.

How do you know if you have sore throat?

It's called a sore throat because it hurts. If you feel pain in your throat, that is a sore throat.

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