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Check EGR valve, round thing located on the back of the head,about as big as a doughnut.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-24 00:07:22
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Q: Your s10 2.5 starts and runs but will not idle at all at low rpm and sounds like on choke?
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Why does your 1989 Buick engine race?

Sounds like a choke problem/fast idle speed adjustment.

84 Chevy 3504barrel carb with air cleaner in place and electric choke hooked up when you start the truck it will idle fine for a minuate and the it wants to start to choke out and blow heavy black why?

Sounds to me like you need to replace the choke pull off.

Your 92 eldorado starts to choke out when you turn your lights on?

Sounds like it could be low voltage Battery charged? Alternator working?

Why wont your 1988 Jeep wagoneer start atfer it gets warm but starts when its cold?

it sounds like your choke is not operating properly.

Why does your engine misfire on idle?

if its only on idle it sounds like a bad injector

Why does your 72 VW Beetle stop running when the gas pedal is pressed after the carburetor choke opens?

Choke linkage holds the throttle cable for a higher idle speed while cold. When you step on gas after choke is warmed up the throttle cable is released from the little cam type plate that has steps on it and allows the the cable to return to t's normal position. Sounds like the idle is set too low.

94 camaro v6 that has rough idle but seems to run better at high rpms can you help me it smells like gas at idle?

It sounds like it is over fuelling. The auto choke may be stuck open? The ECU/AFM may be defective There may be a small leak in a fuel line.

Honda civic only starts when gas pedal pushed?

It sounds like the Idle Air Control valve is bad. Could also be the Throttle Position Sensor.

Why won't your 1989 Ford F250 with 5.8 L engine idle?

sounds like a bad idle control sensor

Why could the car turn off when in idle but then start fine and drive okay?

Sounds like the idle valve needs adjusting, it's likely that the timings are out and needs adjusting which takes minutes to do. If the engine timing is not set around 700 - 950 rpm then it could be too low to support the engine to run. It's like having an automatic choke on older vehicles where you apply more choke till engine is warm enough

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1988 accord lx with auto trans and carb upon starting it wants rev to high after 3-4 minutes running you tap the gas pedal and it drops to an acceptable range?

That sounds like high idle on the automatic choke, once the choke warms a bit it will kick down as it is doing.

What is a letter that starts with a f?

V sounds like it starts with a F, if that helps.

350 4 barrel that wont idle right it starts off at 500-900 then as you drive it it goes up like for an example you start to drive it and and your shifting after about 10 minutes the neuteral is 3500?

inproper choke setting

Why does your 1983 Chevy van with a 350 run and idle well for a while Then runs rough and stalls you have replaced the fuel filter fuel pump and distributer module?

It sounds like either a choke issue, or vapor lock. Good luck.

When you start my truck it keeps stalling what could be wrong?

sounds like the choke is not working correctly

Can you shoot slugs in a 410 with an external adjustable choke?

Sounds like you may have a Mossberg with a C-Lect-Choke. If so, Mossberg recommended that you NOT shoot slugs.

1993 geo prizm idle stay high no check engine light is on it happen after being park for 3 monht?

It sounds like your carb choke is stuck. Just remove the air filter and filter housing and spray the choke, linkage, and throttle body with a liberal amount of carb cleaner. This should fix the problem.

My 2002 jeep liberty starts and then dies when i let off the gas can you help?

Sounds like the idle air circuit sensor is dead or disconnected. It should be located on the throttle body and be the bottom connector.

When coming to a stop vehicle will not idle what could be cause?

sounds like a sticking idle air control motor they get a build up of carbon after a while.

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C 1500 Chevy runs rich after warm up Starts and runs fine when cold. After warm up runs rich throttle bogs and puts out black smoke like it's being choked.?

sounds like its a carbureted truck id blame the carburetor for the problem most likely the choke is sticking or the choke control is not working. typically there is a spring like coil that opens and closes the choke based on engine temperature (the throttle plate on top and the linkages connected to it and so on should be inspected) ive seen a faulty idle air control solenoid on fuel injected vehicles do various things including this

Car starts with a boost?

sounds like your starter is draging.

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