Your turn signal flasher behind the glove box keeps flashing and only goes off when you apply the brake pedal all signals and lights work how do you fix this?

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It's easy, just go to a gasoline station and ask them to check the blinker.
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Why would your signal flasher keep clicking even after the signal has been turned off?

%DETAILS% replace the mutifunction switch I have a '98 C1500, and it does the same thing. Diagnosis: Multi Function switch. What I want to add: Your vehicle, like mine, has an air bag. Unless you know the proper procedures involved in working around them, do yourself a favor and take it to a shop. ( Full Answer )

Why will the turn signals work only if flashers are on but the flashers will not work at all?

The relay that handles the turn signals is separate from the relay that handles the hazards. Most likely you have a burned out turn signal relay. Most likely the relay is located in your fuse panel and is a very inexpensive item to replace. turn signals and hazards have separate flasher cans both ( Full Answer )

How do you fix the problem of the brake lights and turn signals and emergency flashers not working when all fuses and bulbs are good?

%REPLIES% The WD40 solution I had the same problem on my 98 Grand Marquis. A Linclon Mercury mechanic told me the problem was most likely in the hazard flasher switch on top of the steering column. He recommended I spray WD 40 around the switch and push it down *and let it pop up several times and ( Full Answer )

How do you fix the taillights when the brake lights and the turn signals all work on a 1990 Toyota Camry?

Here's one thing you can check: In addition to the tail light fuse, there is also a tail light relay. It's located just above the tail light fuse in the driver side kick panel (upper right hand corner). This relay powers the fuse. It controls the dash, side markers, and parking lights also. If those ( Full Answer )

Where is the turn signal flasher for a 1992 Olds Cutlass Ciera - Manual says it's under the glove box but I've checked there and I can only see the emergency flasher.?

Generally the turn signal flasher is located on or near the steering column. I hope this helps you. Mark Answer The turn signal switch is locate on the steering column on the Left side as a lever that your move up and down. The same lever has a tab switch pending make for cruise control and a tu ( Full Answer )

Have a 1998 Chevy Blazer What would cause the turn signal flasher relay to make clicking sound all the time even though turn signal not on The only time it quits is when the brakes are applied?

Answer It's the stick thingy and wiring in the steering wheel. The thing you use to turn them on and off has a short. Replace it and it's good as gold. see "link" below Sorry, but the stick thingy is the wrong answer. I have a 1998 GM Blazer and the exact same thing happened to me. It sounded exac ( Full Answer )

My 2000 firebird's left turn signal has stopped working the turning lights are out on that side and the flasher on the dash doesn't flash at all what do you think the problem is?

Answer . \nIf you put the left turn signal on and it flashes quicker than it does if you put the right turn signal on I'm pretty sure one of the bulbs is out. Park your car with it running and the left turn signal on and walk around the car and see what isn't flashing that should be. Then you ( Full Answer )

Turn signals brake and emergency flashers dont work?

im having a similar problem. but NONE of the back lights work. i checked the fuses - all good. then i moved to the bulbs. i changed the blinker bulbs on all 4 lights and that fixed the blinker problem. im still having a reverse light and emergency flasher problem, though. im going to change the rest ( Full Answer )

Your signal light flasher keeps ticking even when the turn signal is off Will this drain battery?

Answer . From the question, I am assuming (Yes I understand the danger in assuming; ha, ha) this is an older flasher unit usually found in a round canister about 1 to 1.5 inches in diameter and 3-4 inches tall somewhere under the dash. The question did not specify whether or not the turn lights ( Full Answer )

What is wrong with your 2000 Pontiac Montana when you press the brake pedal and put on your turn signal the lights all alternately flash?

There is a ground fault in one of your wire connections into yourtaillight. It is usually a connector for your rear light assembly.Remove the plugs from the tail light assembly starting with theside that blinkers flash fast when brakes are applied. You willfind that the pin to your ground will have ( Full Answer )

What fuse controls the brake lights on a 2003 Grand Prix All lights and turn signals work except no brake lights when brake pedal is pushed?

I went to driving exam today and I am really prepared the testperson check everything my license, insurance, left right signaleven check my hand signal however she noticed that my rear brake light is not working only the topbrake light so she said I am not allowed to take the exam and needto fix the ( Full Answer )

On your 2003 beetle the left turn signal flashes quickly but all of the lights are working?

I had the same problem with the right flasher. It was the front signal light, the bulb was not making contact correctly. There is a small plastic cover over the screw, remove it, remove screw. and the light will come out. Turn the plastic bulb scoket to access the bulb. If you do this with the signa ( Full Answer )

1998 Dodge Ram 1500 my front turn signals work fine but BOTH rear signals flash but the Flasher completely quits if you step on the brake?

With 4-way flashers, some older vehicles were made to work this way. It allows the brake lights, when you're slowing and stopping, to have priority over the the 4-way, emergency flashers. If you're talking only about the turn signal flasher, then, you have a problem. Does this happen with the tur ( Full Answer )

How do you get your brake lights turn signals to work?

The simple answer is, find out what's wrong then repair or replace any component that isn't working properly. But it isn't that simple. Finding the faulty component is the hard part. You need electrical diagnostic skills to track down a faulty turn signal, and you need to understand switchin ( Full Answer )

How do you fix it when turn signals do not work but flashers do?

The signals and the emergency flashers have separate circuits, separate fuses, separate flasher relays. Start with checking the fuses, the bulbs, the signal flasher relay and wiring and if it still doesn't work it may be the signal switch is bad.

How do you fix a rear brake light and turn signal light?

Most likely they share the same bulb and you have a bulb burnt out. Purchase the correct replacement bulb(s) first, before disassembling the vehicle. See sources and related links below for replacement bulb information and full light bulb part numbers list. Then consult your owner's manual for the ( Full Answer )