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You don't wait for your green card to expire. You need to get it renewed before so you don't get in trouble with Immigration. If you expire they can deport you back to your hometown.

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2010-08-15 15:25:54
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Q: How long after my green card expired i have to wait to get it back ?
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If your boyfriend came to the US legally but his visa has expired 3 years ago how long will it take for him to get his green card will he have to go back to his country to await his green card?

yes, bout a month???

Can I renewed my green card after it has expired?

Aswer: Yes, but dont wait too long.

Is married to an American citizen but was deported how long does it takes to re-enter the Us?


I am a green card holder and planning to go back to Philippines to marry my fianc How long will it take for him to get here in US after I file a petition?

There is not a way to tell how long it will take get a green card to get back to the US. It all depends on the person background.

How long before a green card holder can file for his wife and if so how long will it take for the wife to get a green card?


Your girlfriend is legal but her green card has expired process takes 6 months or more How long does the process takes if you marry your girlfriend?

usually it takes about 2-3 months to get temporary papers

Is there a limitation to continuous stay in USA by a green card holder?

A Green Card is issued for a 10 years period. You can keep on renewing it as long as you want. So there is no limitation on how long you can continuously in USA with a green card.

How can someone who lost their green card get it back if they were deported for a criminal charge and how long would the process take?

If you were deported for criminal activity, there is no way you will be readmitted to the U.S. with a green card. I don't know about the possibilities if you marry.

How long does it take to get green card by marriage?

How long does it takes to get a permanent green card if you applied to remove the temporary one from marriage in virginia state

How long do you have to stay married to get a green card?

How long do I have to stay married in order to obtain a green card in the state of New york (specifically, nyc)?

Can a one year green card holder go back to country of orign and get married how long will it take for processing the papers for the other partner with no green card?

i think so, u can get married whenever u want

How long do green cards last?

A green card lasts 10 years.

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