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How to Find Great Legal Aid?



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Legal aid can be found in various types of forms. Depending on your legal issue, there is likely some sort of lawyer out there willing to donate time to help you resolve that issue. However, many attorneys only provide free services for people with little to no income. If you are in a situation and think you may need legal advising, but you are unwilling to pay high attorney fees, then you should consider pursuing legal aid in some way, shape, or form. This article will discuss how to find great legal aid for your situation.

First off, narrow down what issue you need legal aid for. Perhaps your home is going into foreclosure or you think that bankruptcy may need to be declared. If you are thinking about declaring bankruptcy, then see if there are any free seminars and consultations going on in your area. Many bankruptcy lawyers donate time on weekends to conducting seminars for lower income people that may need to file for bankruptcy. During a consultation, the bankruptcy lawyer can direct you toward the right form of bankruptcy to file for your situation. Depending on your income and other factors, you may be in a better position to file for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy than a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Getting legal aid can help you make the decision regarding which type of bankruptcy you wish to file.

If your home is in foreclosure, then you may also be eligible to receive legal aid. This can be one of the most beneficial forms of legal aid in our society. This form of legal aid may actually show you ways to keep your home, rather than lose it to foreclosure. An attorney may be able to negotiate and get you a better mortgage payment. An attorney will work with you every step of the way, to see to it that there is a good outcome in your foreclosure situation.

Another time in which a person may need legal aid is if he or she wants to sue his or her employer. There are many legal organizations dedicated to protecting people from discrimination in the workplace. Overall, legal aid can be a great help to someone in need.