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Probation Officer Training - Juvenile Probation Officer Training. Read the steps to become, degree requirements, and job description.

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2012-03-16 21:02:10
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Q: What is probation officer training for?
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What training do you need to become a probation officer?


What special training is required to become a Probation Officer?

In order too become a probation officer you will need a bachelors degree in criminal justice. In most cases you will have too complete a special training program that can last up too 6 months.

What is the difference between a probation officer and a parole officer?

A probation officer handles clients who are on probation. A parole officer handles people who are released on parole.

What is the advantages for a probation officer?

What advantages does one get from becoming a probation officer?

Can you dispute probation officer's allegations about not following probation rules?

Yes you can. If you are surrendered by your probation officer for violations you have the right to a probation surrender hearing were you have the right to deny the allegations put forward by the probation office/officer and provide evidence on your behalf. The burden of proof is on the probation officer.

Where can one go to learn how to become a probation officer?

The Probation Officer Info website offers information on how one can become a probation officer. Wikihow has a six step guide on achieving a job as a probation officer.

If a probation officer has a probationer falsely detained and jailed are there consequences for the probation officer?

i would like to know if a probabtion officer has a probationer falsely detained and jaile dare there consequences for the probation officer? and if not how can we report information on a probation officer legally?

Do you get a probation officer assigned before or after court?

After. A person is not on probation until they are sentenced to probation by the Court. Why would they get a probation officer until they are sentenced?

Do you know who i can talk to about probation?

Your probation officer.

Who is the first probation officer?

the question is irrelevant, unless you meant who was the first probation officer ,

What are the duties of a probation officer?

it is a officer who make sure the people who get out on probation follow what they are supposed to do

What are some interview questions for a probation officer?

what are some weakness and strengths from a probation officer?

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