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the doctrine of judicial restrain holds that judges should generally defer to precedent and to decisions made by legislature

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Q: According to the doctrine of judicial restraint the judiciary should?
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Opposition to the judiciary's creative policy making role is a consistent tenet of judicial?


Opposition to the judiciary's creative policy making role is a consistent tenet of judicial what?


The judicial doctrine that government cannot prohibit speech or publication before the fact is called?

Prior Restraint

Federalist paper no. 78?

=explains and praises the provisions of te judiciary and outlines the doctrine of judicial review=

Which constitutional principle does judicial review reflect?

Judicial review is the doctrine under which legislative and executive actions are subject to review (and possible invalidation) by the judiciary

What is John P Roche's idea on judicial self restraint?

Please view Chapter 9 The Judiciary -Dr Cash's AP US Government & Politics

What Judicial philosophy states that the court should uphold acts of the Congress unless acts violate specific provisions of the Constitution?

Judicial restraint. The opposite of judicial restraint is judicial activism.For more information about the controversy over judicial activism and judicial restraint, see Related Questions, below.

What is a sentence using judiciary in it?

Another word for JUDICIARY is judicial

Was Gore v Bush judicial restraint or overreach?

It did not seem to be judicial activism as there wasn't a larger issue at hand. Rather, the final decision appears historically to be judicial partisanship.

How does judicial activism and judicial restraint affect the separation of powers?

Judicial activism weakens the separation of powers by involving the Court in what are traditionally executive and legislative functions. Judicial restraint reinforces separation of powers.

What is judicial restraint?

Judicial restraint is the philosophy that judges and justices should defer to written legislation whenever possible, if it is not in conflict with the Constitution. A justice who uses judicial restraint tends to take a narrower view of the Constitution and does not attempt to broaden the definition of Amendments to fit a particular social or political agenda. The opposite of judicial restraint is judicial activism. For more information on the debate between judicial activism and judicial restrain, see Related Links, below.

What is meaning of judiciary?

Of or pertaining to courts of judicature, or legal tribunals; judicial; as, a judiciary proceeding., That branch of government in which judicial power is vested; the system of courts of justice in a country; the judges, taken collectively; as, an independent judiciary; the senate committee on the judiciary.