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Prior Restraint

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prior restraint

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Q: The judicial doctrine that government cannot prohibit speech or publication before the fact is called?
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In what doctrine did Stephen Douglas say that a territory could prohibit slavery?

Freeport Doctrine

Is this true that the Congress may prohibit the publication of newspaper?

That is not true.

What does The Monroe Doctrine prohibit?

Monroe doctribe forbid european countries in latin america

Is it true that Congress may not prohibit the publication of magazines and newspapers?

yes it is true. the first amendment allows "freedom of press"

What sort of business activities should government prohibit?

Government should prohibit illegal activities and activities that are detrimental to the economy. To do this, they have to establish agencies and committees to monitor various industries.

Can government prohibit a religious practice that endangers public health or safety?


Why does the government not prohibit an assembly for any of the following reasons except?

What might be said.

What is the aim of the law of defamation?

Is to prohibit the publication of material including words, pictures, radio, TV Broadbasts, which may damage the reputation of an individual or an organisation, or exposes them to ridicule.

Does the electronic communications privacy act prohibit unauthorized eavesdropping on business and the government?


How did the government respond to public pressure to prohibit trust and monopolies?

Public pressure for a federal law to prohibit trusts and monopolies led congress to pass the sherman antitrust act in 1890.

What premises would prohibit the Federal Government from doing something that is not mentioned in the US Constitution?

strict interpretation

How can the government protect child?

There are laws that prohibit child abuse or any mistreatment towards any child. However, the government cannot directly protect children.