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three estates louis 14 and 16 maximillien rebespierne napoleon bonnaparte

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Olympe de Gouges

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Q: Any one revolutionary figures associated with french revolution?
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Why was Marquis de Lafayette called the hero of two worlds?

Because of his service in both the American Revolutionary War and in the French Revolution.

Which came first American revolution or Declaration of Independence?

The American Revolution came first. King Louis XV who was the King in France (the one that was overthrown and sent to the guillotine during the french revolution) actually gave money to help the American cause. The Americans could not have won the war if they had not received financial & political support from France.

What name was given to the eleventh month in the French Revolutions calander?

The eleventh month in the French Revolution Calendar was called Brumaire.

Was there anything just about the revolutionary courts?

You don't say which revolution you are talking about. Should you mean the French Revolution of 1789, the answer is no. The revolutionary courts in force until 1793 were 'kangaroo courts' , mostly manned by people without any legal qualifications who were habitually uninterested in the subject of solid proof. Hearsay and wild accusations were usually enough to get you convicted to the Guillotine.

What events to have caused the revolutionary government to execute the king?

Supposing you mean the French Revolution: the King's failed flight from France to seek refuge with France's enemies caused him and his family to be imprisoned. A little later, the French Revolution radicalized into the period called The Terror. During that period, tens of thousands of people, many of them aristocrats, were killed as 'enemies of the Revolution'; the King and Queen were among them.

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Robespierredanton and morat are associated with the attempt by the french revolutionary government to?

suppress domestic opposition to the revolution

What are some revolutionary figures?

Depending upon what revolution you are asking about. Primary figures of the American Revolution include Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Benedict Arnold, Samuel Adams, John Adams, and French support would include Lafayette.

What revolutionary movement inspired the french to rebel?

The American Revolution

Why did the revolutionary government need a military draft in 1793 during the French revolution?


How was the American Revolution like the Vietnam War?

It wasn't; the French Indochina War was more associated with the American Revolutionary War. Both of those wars involved INDEPENDENCE from their colonizers.

What was the prison associated with the French Revolution?

The Bastille.

Who was a key propagandist for revolutionary virtue during the French Revolution?


What revolutionary group was most radical during the French Revolution?

The Jacobins.

How did Britain respond to the French Revolution?

They went to war against the revolutionary government.

What device was used in the revolutionary war that decapitated?

No device decapitated people in the revolutionary war. It was in the French Revolution that the guillotine was used.

What is the Carmagnole in the Tale of Two Cities?

The Carmagnole is a popular French revolutionary song and dance that symbolizes the chaos and fervor of the French Revolution in Charles Dickens' novel "A Tale of Two Cities." It is often associated with the fervent patriotism and revolutionary spirit of the time.

What has the author GrahamE Rodmell written?

GrahamE Rodmell has written: 'French drama of the revolutionary years' -- subject(s): French Revolutionary literature, French drama, History, History and criticism, Historyand criticism, Literature and the revolution, Revolutionary literature, French, Theater and society