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Most state trial court decisions are NOT published. Unless the trial is newsworthy and the media chooses to publish the results of the trial, there is no routine public publishing of these decisions. However, the results of any trial are a public record and may be researched by going to the Office of the Clerk of the Court for your research.

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Q: Are most state trial court decisions not published?
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The state court that reviews decisions of trial courts is called what court?

The Court of Appeals.

Where are legal decisions published?

Each court that publishes decisions (appellate courts and a handful of trial courts) has an official court reporter publication where the decisions can be found. Private companies, such as Lexis Nexis, often buy the rights and reprint the decisions with annotations (comments).

Are Texas trial courts decisions binding on the Texas Supreme Court?

No. The decisions of the Texas Supreme Court are binding on trial courts in Texas. That is why it is called the Supreme Court.

What Standard of Review will a district court use?

The strict term "standard of review" is related to appellate court matters rather than for courts of original jurisdiction like a federal district court or state trial court. Appellate courts exercise different standards of review of trial court decisions depending on whether they are reviewing findings of fact, determinations of law or trial court decisions of procedure.

What is the name of the lowest court in the illinois's court system?

In the Illinois state court system, the trial courts are called Circuit Courts and are the lowest courts. Trial court decisions may be appealed to appeals courts within the state court system. For more information on the Illinois court system, see the Illinois Court Directory related link.

A US District Court or a state trial court has?

Original jurisdiction

Are all federal appellate court decisions binding on every federal trial court?

No, that's backwards. Binding precedents are set from the top-down.US Supreme Court decisions are binding on all relevant federal (and state) courts.US Court of Appeals Circuit Court decisions are binding only on US District Courts within that Circuit.US District Court decisions are not binding on any other Courts.Non-binding precedents, including dissenting opinions, may be cited as persuasive precedents at any level, however.

What do state trial courts do?

State trial courts are typically referred to as circuit courts. The United States Supreme Court is known as the highest court in the land.

Where are cases from the state trial courts appeals?

The State Supreme Court

Is there a state trial court?

yes Only in Australia

Which court would handle the first appeal of a case tried in a higher level state trial court?

The State Supreme Court

What are the role of Court of appeals in mauritius?

appeals courts review decisions of trial courts for errors of law.