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The West and the South

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Q: By 1810 the most insistent demand for a declaration of war against Britain came from?
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Can you give the meaning of the word insistent and put it into a sentence as well?

The word "insistent" means to demand something firmly and persistently. For example, "Despite her parents' refusal, she was insistent on pursuing her dream of becoming a professional dancer."

What is the root word of insistent?

The root word of "insistent" is "insist," which means to demand something firmly or persistently.

What is a dunning message?

Dunning is the insistent demand for payment of money that is owed.

To whom are the listed complaints or grievances against?

In the Declaration of Independence, the colonists list the things that the King and Parliament have done which are unjust. They demand that the King redress these wrongs.

What did the congress demand of England at the first continental congress?

It was called for a boycott of all british goods,but it went much further it also passed a new declaration.

What is a synonym for claim?

declaration, demand petition, suit, request,

Which document expresses the strong demand for independence?

The Declaration of Independence is one; the Magna Charta is another. The Declaration of Independence

What was the main demand of the declaration of the rights that came out of the first continental congress?

the main demand was to be free and have a democratic government.

What was the primary goal of the Declaration of Independence?

demand freedom of speech and of the press

What demand of Germany did Britain and France make?

Unconditional Surrender

What document expresses the strong demand for independence?

The Declaration of Independence and possibly the Olive Branch Petition.

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