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At the time of the writing of the Constitution, there was no formal legal power behind it. Representatives from each of the individual states met to discuss improvements to the Articles of Confederation and ultimately produced a new document, which individual states later chose to ratify.

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Q: By whose power was the constitution written?
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In whose name is the Constitution written?

we the people

Whose name was the constitution written in?

The Constitution was written in the name of the American people: "We the People of these United States."

The power to collect taxes is?

The power to collect taxes is an expressed power of Congress. That's to say it's written in the constitution that they have the power to collect and levy taxes. If the power was not written in the constitution was granted by on laws passed, this would be an "implied power".

If a power is not written in the Constitution it belongs to the?

States and People

If a power is not written in the constitution it belongs to the what?

States and people

Whose power is the Constitution intended to curb?

I think the answer your looking for is the royal governors, but I'm not sure.

Whose rights does the constitution and Bill of Rights protect?

Individual citizens from the power of the federal government and state government.

What is judicicial power?

Judicial power is the power of a court to invalidate or legitimate an act of Congress with regards to a written constitution.

What is a major criticisms of the Texas constitution?

The criticism of the Texas constitution is that it did not limit the power of government enough. The constitution of the state would be re-written to limit government power in the state.

Who has the powers not written in the Constitution?

congress's power to appoint supreme court justices Powers are not written in the constitution are called "Informal powers" and are used by... for instance the President in making a cabinet. Nothing in the constitution says he can do this yet by using his "informal power" he is allowed to do so.

What are the features of a constitutional government?

A constitutional government is a government whose rules and policies are limited by a constitution. A constitution is a written document that describes the rules and principles of a political entity.

What expresses power?

Expressed powers are powers written down for Congress in the Constitution.