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Yes, you have to prove that you are a conscientious objector, that is you are opposed to bearing arms and participation in any war - not just wars you disagree with. Persons who are members of certain pacifist religious groups such as Buddhists and Anabaptists may be able to get verification from their groups stating why the individual is a pacifist. You will also have to prove that you are really a pacifist, and have not or will not bear arms to defend any country. You may be able to take certain classes that can verify you as a conscientious objector, if you are not a member of the a religious group that practices pacifism. You will then have to give a brief statement as to why you are an objector, and you will be allowed to stay silent for that part of the oath. If you are unwilling to bear arms for your new country, you should also stop and reflect whether the benefits of citizenship are really for you. I'm not saying don't do it, I'm saying to carefully consider what that means. You can't just change your mind later on and decide it's okay to not be a pacifist - these convictions must be deeply held. There's a good reference on this in the guide to becoming a US Citizen at

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Q: Can foreign people who refuse to bear arms on behalf of the US become an American citizen?
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