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The President may only be re-elected one time, to serve two consecutive terms.

------------ Well, technically, a person may serve as many as 10 years as President. This can be accomplished if the vice president must finish the term of another president and the time remaining is equal to but less than 2 more years. At that point the sitting president can be elected two more times. Could you claim they were re-elected twice? That's up to the observer.

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No- Since the 22nd amendent was ratified in 1951, a President can bre re-elected only once for one additional term.

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Q: Can the president may be re-elected three times?
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How many times may be a senator be reelected?

There is no term limit for serving in the U.S. Senate.

How many times can a congress person be re-elected?

If you are talking US Congress then there is no limit to the number of terms a congressman (or Senator) can serve, so they can be reelected as many times as they want if they can get the people to vote for them.

Duration of a office of American president?

There is no fixed length of the office of president world-wide; there are several nations that have presidents. In the United States the standard term is 4 years in length, starting January 20 following the November elections. A US president can currently be elected to 2 terms and no more. However, a US president could serve up to 10 years. If the next-in-line takes the office of president from a president who is no longer able to serve, and if the time left is less than half of the term, the new president may still run for and serve two terms of his/her own. If the time left is more than half of the former president's term, the new president can run for only one four-year term of his/her own.

Can a vice president run for President while in office?

It is unclear in the wording of the Twenty-Second Amendment to the Constitution could run for the vice president's position for three terms. Its unclear because no one has ever attempted to do this before and it hasn't been tested in court. Its omission indicates that it would be possible to do so.

What are three lmits on the qower of congress?

There are more than three limitations on Congress's power. From a Constitutional perspective, Congress may be in checked by the President's veto power over Congressional bills and it may also be overruled by the Courts. There are also the practical limitations of what the budget or public opinion allows.

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How many times may a congressmen be reelected?

Three times

How many times may a represtative be reelected?

As many times as they wish

When was Jacques Chirac named president?

He was elected on May 1995 and reelected in 2002.

How many times may a senator or representative be reelected?

no limit

How many times may a senayor be reelected?

There are no term limits for senators.

How many times may a congressperson be reelected?

456 because there congress

How many times may a congressman or a congresswomen be reelected?

There is no limit to the number of times a representative can be elected to Congress.

What is the term of years that the president have?

The term of a President of the US is 4 years.He may serve a total of 8 years or 2 terms, if reelected.

How many times may a Senator or congressman reelected?

as many as they can as long as the people want them

How many times may be a senator be reelected?

There is no term limit for serving in the U.S. Senate.

How many times may the President be elected to office?

2 times. (4 year terms; only 8 years all together.) A president may only be elected twice to the office of president, although a former president may have other positions in government after he is out of office.

How many times may both senators and congressmen be reelected?

every 4 or 2 years