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the founders and writers of the US Constitution did not want to give the president too much power so instead they gave that power to congress for a group of people to decide on not just one person

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Because a declaration of war commits the entire country.

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separation of power

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Q: Congress has the power to declare war but the president is commander in chief?
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Does congress have the power to appoint a commander in chief?

No Congress does not have the power to appoint the Commander in Chief. The Commander in Chief is the President and US citizens have the power to elect the President.

Why cant the president declare war?

The power to declare war is granted to the U.S. Congress by the Constitution; the president serves as the Commander in Chief of the military but requires congressional approval to formally declare war. This separation of powers ensures that such a significant decision is made with input from the legislative branch, representing the will of the people.

What 2 things can the president do as commander in chief?

declare warveto bills

What branch would have power to send soldiers to a foreign country but does not Have the power to declare war?

The President (Executive Branch) The president is commander in chief of the army, but only congress can declare war. So even if the president ordered the soldiers to go to a different country, he would not be able to declare war. Congress would have to do that part.

What branch of government has the power to lead the military?

the president is the Commander in Chief (The Big Boss) of the military. However, it takes an act of Congress to actually declare war.

Who acts as the commander-in-chief of the military?

The President of the United States is the Commander-in-Chief of the US Military.

Is the US President the head of all armed forces?

The President is the Commander in Chief and can send troops abroad, but has to bring them back after 60 days. The Congress only can declare war, but approves decisions. Over all the Officials of the Armed Forces answer to the President.

Can congress send troops into battle and declare war?

In the United States, the power to declare war is constitutionally vested in Congress. Congress has the authority to declare war and initiate military action. However, the deployment of troops into battle is typically authorized by the President as the Commander-in-Chief, with prior approval or subsequent authorization from Congress.

What is the meaning of civilian supremacy?

Refers to the supremacy of elected civilian public officials over the military. The elected President is the Commander in Chief and ONLY THE CONGRESS CAN DECLARE WAR.

Which cabinet officer would deal with carrying out a war?

The president of the US is the Commander in Chief. The Secretary of Defense is second in authority. Congress can vote to declare war, but the President and Secretary of Defense manage it.

What concept is demonstrated by the power of Congress to declare war although the President is Commander in Chief?

These examples illustrate two Constitutional powers in action. We see the power of checks and balances by Congressional power to declare war, rather than it be an executive decision. We also see a separation of powers as the president is the commander of all forces, rather than Congress.

Are congress allowed to co-command the army?

The President is Commander in Chief. Congress can advise and consent.