Coup in a sentence

Updated: 9/17/2023
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i coup the mathematic subject

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Q: Coup in a sentence
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What is a sentence using the word coup?

Layla staged a coup when she tried to take over the classroom.

Can you give an example of coup used in a sentence?


What part of speech is the word coup in this sentence Miranda's presence at Laurel Mt is somethig of a coup?

A noun, and the object of the preposition "of".

Use junta in a sentence?

* After the coup, the country was ruled by a junta of revolutionists.

Use coup d' etat in a sentence?

My sentence is: cou d' etat is a French sentance. Also: You wrote a sentence using it in your question

What is1 a good sentence with dictator?

The dictator took control of the country using a military coup.

How do you use the word coup in a sentence?

The military coup could have been averted with discreet diplomacy.The Native Americans' Plains tribes highly regarded 'counting coup' was more important than the taking of the enemies' lives.The very first British Airborne assault on Pegasus Bridge in the Battle of Normandy is a classic example of a coup de mainoperation.

What is a sentence using the word usurp?

The general who led the coup usurped the office of the duly elected president. :)

What is a sentence using the word minority party?

The minority party scored a real coup with this seemingly insignificant win.

Example of sentence using coup d' Γ©tat?

The South Vietnamese government of Ngo Dinh Diem was overthrown by a coup d'état led by General Duong Van Minh in 1963 . (True facts .)

How do you spell military coo?

It is Coup. As in coup d'etat.'état

What is in a coup if nothing is in the coup?