Definition of coup d'etat

Updated: 9/25/2023
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  1. another term for coup
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Q: Definition of coup d'etat
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Us armed forces invaded which country in 1983 to prevent a coup de detat-kuwait or Grenada?


True or fales In 1991 hard-line communist leaders in the Soviet government seeking to prevent the final collapse of the communist Soviet Union staged a coup detat thereby seizing control of the Sovi?


What word fits the definition of to overthrow a government?

A coup de 'etat.

Why did the french people support napoleons coup detat?

The french were angry at there leaders in 1789 through the end of the french revolution, so they killed their leaders. This made them look bad to the european nations around them so they attacked and the only person to defend them was Napolean Bonaparte.

What is a phrase such as 'coup de grace' to mean the finishing touch when referring to a quality product?

I want to use a french or latin phrase such as Coup de Grace to mean the finishing touch. But Coup De Grace means the final blow which is not quite right. Actually the second definition of coup de grace is: A finishing stroke or decisive event

What is the coup de gras?

Coup de Grace (blow of mercy) means a death blow intended to end the suffering of a wounded creature. The phrase can refer to killing civilians or soldiers, friends or enemies and with or without the consent of the sufferer. Coup de Gras (blow of fat) means a death blow by pork chop.

How do you spell military coo?

It is Coup. As in coup d'etat.'état

What is definition of a political coo?

If you mean political coup [pronounced "coo"], it is the overthrow of the government by unconstitutional means. Also known as a coup d'etat, it usually involves the military or a general uprising against the government, and then setting up a new government friendly to the revolutionaries.

What is in a coup if nothing is in the coup?


How did the coup was stop?

how was the coup stop

What are the ratings and certificates for Coup pour coup - 1972?

Coup pour coup - 1972 is rated/received certificates of: Sweden:15

Coup in a sentence?

i coup the mathematic subject