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No he lives in Washington..

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Q: Did George Washington live in the colonies?
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Who did George Washington live with in barbados?

No he never left the colonies.

How were the middle colonies governed?

George Washington

Did King George Washington visit the colonies?

UMM, George Washington was not a king, I think you have the wrong name.

Who found the colonies in New England?

George Washington

What is George Washington resident of?

George Washington was a resident of the British colonies in American, later a resident of the United States of America.

When George Washington was president was it still the 13 colonies?


What were the leaders in the colonies?

Benjamin Franklin, Of course George Washington

Who were the first to live in Washington D.C.?

George Washington

Which president didnt live in Washington?

George Washington

What was the first permanent representative assembly in the English colonies?

George Washington

Who was responsible for the first true democracy in the early colonies?

George Washington

Who was the general for the colonies during the American Revolution?

General George Washington.