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George Washington went to live with his much older, married brother in Virginia. It was there that George taught himself how to do land surveys.

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Q: Where did George Washington go to live after his father died?
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What was some of George Washingtons child hood?

what was George washingtons child live like

Who was Lawrence Washington?

Lawrence Washington was George Washingtons half-brother. George went to live with Lawrence after his father died in 1743. Lawrence acted as a substitute father to George. Lawrence was 14 years older that george and was from his fathers first marriage.

What is Washington's country?

If you are asking about George Washington he was born in Virginia on a small plantation his father owned. He was the second son and had an older brother so when his father died when he was 11 his brother took him in to live with him.

Who did George Washington live with after his father died?

George's father died in 1743, leaving the family 2,000 acres. Thereafter, George was raised by his half-brother Lawrence, who was 14 years his senior, at Little Hunting Creek Plantation, which Lawrence renamed Mount Vernon.

Did George Washington have a sibling?

Yes. He had an older brother. When their father died George went to live with the older brother. In the 1700's the oldest male child inherited the estate. After his brother died Washington inherited the plantation called Mt. Vernon.

Where George Washington Carver live before he died?

In Missouri.

Where did George Washington Carver live?

George Washington Carver died on January 5, 1943.Did you mean George Washington or George Washington Carver?President George Washington died December 14, 1799.The great scientist, botanist, inventor and educator George Washington Carver died January 5, 1943.

When was George Washington alive?

he went to live at Mount Vernon soon after his father's death in 1743, to live with his half-brother. He lived there off and on (going away for political work, war, presidency, etc.) and he died there (and is buried there) on December 14, 1799

How did Mary Washington mother of George Washington die?

Mary Ball Washington died on August 25, 1789, at age 81. Historical documents indicate that Mary died of breast cancer. She did live to see her son George inaugurated as President.

How long did George Washington live for?

Born February, 22, 1732 died December, 14, 1799

Which president didnt live in Washington?

George Washington

Who were the first to live in Washington D.C.?

George Washington