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Q: Did Hugh williamson support a strong centeral government?
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Did Jefferson want to see America form a strong central government?

yes he wanted a strong centeral government very badly

Fearing tyranny from a strong centeral government some states demanded what to be added to the constitution?

The Bill Of Rights

What did ferderalist support?

supported a strong national government

Which of the groups support a strong central government?


Did Alexander hamilton support strong central government?


Why merchants and manufactures support a strong central government?

Because they were rich

Why did the people of medieval towns support a strong monarchy over a feudal system?

A Strong Central Government

Which could happen in a country with a unitary government?

Strong military leadership and support.

Why might merchants and manufacturer support a strong and central government?

Because they were rich

Did Jefferson support a strong state government?

Yes. He was against a strong federal government and he wanted the power to belong to the people. He wanted individual states to be able to make their own desicions.

What did the Federalists support in the Constitution?

there are many arguements, like army, immigration, and so many others.

Partisan issues what is the difference between federalist party and republican party?

Federalists wanted a strong government, taxes to support the government, and liked banks. Republican party were for the farmers who did not want a strong government or lots of taxes.