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Q: Did any presidents have no brother or sister?
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What is the term in English for your elder brother's daughter?

In the English language it does not matter whether it is your elder brother or your younger brother. It does not matter if you are talking about the child of a brother or a sister. The daughter of any brother or sister is your niece. The son of any brother or sister is your nephew.

Can elder brother call his younger brother and sister as siblings?

A sibling is any person who is either brother or sister to that person. Half siblings and step-siblings are the same, are the same, but half sibling is a half-brother or half sister, and a step sibling is a step brother or step sister. No matter what your age, any brother or sister is considered a sibling.

Did he have any brother or sister?


Did Sally Tompkins have any brother or sisters?

Yes, He had a sister and a brother. His brothers name was Richard

Did Betty White have any brother's or sister's?


Do chrissy lampkin have any brother or sister?


Does Miranda Cosgrove have any Brother's or Sister's?

no she does not have any but she is cool

Does messi have a brother or sister?

i think he doesn have any brothers or sister

Did sally ride have any brother or sister?

no she doesn't, she only has a sister Karren

Does usher have any sister's?

He does not have a sister; however he does have a half-brother, James Lackey.

Did sir wilfred laurier have any brother or sister?

yes he did one sister

Does Duke Ellington have any brother and sister?

Yes. he had one youger sister.