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Q: Did gorge childress fight in a war?
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Who wrote the Texas Declaration of Independence?

The Texas Declaration of Independence was primarily drafted by George Childress and adopted by the Convention of 1836.

Are Richard and David Childress related in or through the Childress Family lineage?

Richard Childress and David Childress are not related in any way through the Childress Family lineage.

How George Washington affected the revolution war?

Gorge Gashington was a very important revolution war hero. Gorge crossed the Delaware river to help the colonies in the war against the British. Another contribution to the revolution war, was his leadership of the American troops. This is what led gorge to become the first president.

Where is the Childress Public Library in Childress located?

The address of the Childress Public Library is: 117 Ave B NE, Childress, 79201 4509

What has the author Oscar Leonard Childress written?

Oscar Leonard Childress has written: 'The Childress family'

What is the birth name of Helen Childress?

Helen Childress's birth name is Helen Anne Childress.

What is the birth name of Patricia Childress?

Patricia Childress's birth name is Patricia Rene Childress.

What is the birth name of Josh Childress?

Josh Childress's birth name is Joshua Malik Childress.

Who was the king for World War 2?

gorge the 6

What is the birth name of Ray Childress?

Ray Childress's birth name is Raymond Clay Childress Jr..

Where is the Childress County Heritage Museum in Childress Texas located?

The address of the Childress County Heritage Museum is: 210 3Rd St NW, Childress, TX 79201

What civil war hero has the most information?

Gorge Washington