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most happened in inner china because most of the people were trapped in inner china because the geography kept them isolated

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Q: Did most of the historical events of ancient China take place in inner or outer China?
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Where did the first farmers if ancient china settle?

The first farmers of ancient China settled in Inner China, on the North China Plain.

What are the main similarities of ancient inner and outer china.?

can someone please tell me?

In ancient times why did more people settle in Inner China than in Outer China?

There was more water and rain in the Inner China. It was easier to grow food. The climate made more people prefer living in the south.

What is inner China?

Inner china is a great fertile land.

What is inner china like?

Inner china is a great fertile land.

Why was inner China settled much earlier that outer China?

inner china had a better climate.

Where kubla khan built his pleasure dome?

Kubla Khan is believed to have built his pleasure dome near present-day Xanadu in Inner Mongolia, China. The location of Xanadu has been the subject of historical debate, with some scholars suggesting it may have been near the ancient city of Shangdu in present-day China.

Is the Great Wall of China in the outer China?

it is in the inner china

What is the difference between Inner China and China Proper?

china is bigger

What is similar about inner and outer china?

Outer China is the wstern and northern parts of present-day China. Inner China is the southeastern part of present-day China. Inner China was also more fertile than Outer China because of the location. It was located near the huang He River for floods leading to silt. The weather and precipitation was reasonable, while Outer China was bitterly cold. Although, the Han dynasty settled in Inner China, so some people lived in Outer China. Only because of the hatred of the Han dynasty.

Is Inner Mongolia in Mongolia?

No, it's in China.

Why was inner china was an easier place to live than outer china?

Because the people in inner china called themselves the Han people after the Han dynasty. The people that live in outer china are not Han people, the do not like Han.