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No, the KKK did not cause the Democratic party to rise in power.

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Democra senators Robert Bird and Hugo Black both proclaimed that they could never have won without joining the KKK. Check encyclopedia Britannica or Wikipedia.

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Q: Did the KKK cause the Democratic party to rise in power?
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Were the Nazis democratic?

no, the Nazis believed in strengh, their philosophy was that if you wanted something then you should take it. They did use the democratic process to rise to power and to change the government into a one party system (after they failed to take power by force).

What led to the creation of the Democratic Party?

The modern democratic party began after the Civil War as the opposition party to the Republicans.Before the Civil War, the Democrats, who favored the preservation of slavery, began with Andrew Jackson and the rise of the political power of the western farmers coupled with the remains of Jefferson's old party.

Which historical development showed the desire of a group to gain independence from a colonial power?

Rise of the nazi party in Germany

Did Hitler rise to power through a democratic system?

Yes. The Weimar Republic, prior to the Nazi takeover was a democratic state.

What effects did the rise of the ku klux klan have on southern politics?

The KKK ensured that the Democratic party would exist unopposed throughout the American south for almost 100 years (the "Solid South").

What year did adolf Hitler and the nazi party's rise to power?


What party rose to power in Germany and persecuted the Jews during the holocaust?

The Holocaust started after the ruling party had been in power in Germany for eight years. The system of government was such that no other party could rise to power at this time.

What helped Adolf Hitler and the Nazis party rise to power in the 1930s?

the shattered German economy

A primary cause of the french revolution in 1789 was the?

rise to power of napoleon bonaparte

How did Hitler's rise to power cause world war 2?

it didn't, it was what he did afterwards.

The election of 1796 highlighted the rise of what?

The election of 1796 highlighted the rise of political parties in the United States. It was the first election in which the candidates were officially nominated by political parties, with John Adams representing the Federalist Party and Thomas Jefferson representing the Democratic-Republican Party. This marked a shift from the previous non-partisan elections and signaled the growing influence and power of political parties in shaping American politics.

How did the Treaty of Versailles aid Hitler's rise to power?

The treaty aided in Hitler's rise to power because the German people felt alienated from the rest of the world and the reparations were putting a terrible strain on the German economy. Hitler's Nazi Party used Nationalism, pride in one's own country, to rally the German people behind his cause.