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Q: Did the reconstruction act gave confederate troops comtrol of the south?
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After federal troops left the South and reconstruction ended what political party regain power in the south?


What act ended Reconstruction?

Hayes withdrew the troops federal troops from the South

What signals the end of reconstruction?

south troops were moved out

Who led the raids that distract confederate troops enabling general grant to land his troops south of Vicksburg?

Ambrose Burnside led the raids that distracted Confederate troops, enabling General Grant to land his troops south of Vicksburg.

Which former confederate state had most blacks holding office during reconstruction?

Which former Confederate state had the most blacks holding office during Reconstruction

Why did the Federal government have to send troops to the south after the civil war?


When did radical congressional reconstruction of the south end?

1877When the last federal troops were removed from the south.

What ended in April 1877?

The military occupation of the South by the Federal Troops and the Reconstruction.

Radical reconstruction ended in the South when the last federal troops were withdrawn in?


What was the nickname given to the northerners who moved south during Reconstruction to take advantage of the political opportunities?

Carpetbaggers were northerners who moved south for personal gain during the Civil War between the Union and the Confederate troops.

What political party regained power in the south after federal troops left the south and reconstruction ended?


What event signaled the end of Reconstruction in 1877?

The Compromise of 1877 was the event that ended Reconstruction. The compromise did more than just end Reconstruction, it also settled the 1876 Presidential election dispute and removed federal troops from the South.