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The people actually vote to the electoral college. They are the real people who elect the president. However, they take in great consideration the popular vote. For example, just because over 70% of them want a president It doesn't necessarily mean they will elect him/her. They will use the people's votes too.

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Q: Do people really vote for the president If not then who really votes for the president?
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Why should citizens vote if electoral votes not us elect the president?

The citizens of the United States do vote in a President. They vote for the President they want their state to vote for. Then their state votes for whoever got the most votes. Just because voting for US President is not done strictly by majority rule does not mean it is unfair.

Why are the people the one who elects the president officially?

The people do not elect the President. When you vote for president, you are really voting for members of the electoral college. The electoral college will then choose the president. There are only 538 votes that count in a presidential election.

How is the president voted int office?

The President is voted into office by way of the electoral college. The people cast their votes and based on their votes the electors vote for President.

How does the president get elected of the US?

People vote for the president. If he/she (when there is a she) gets the most votes, they are elected president. Then they have to swore in and all that stuff.

Do members of Congress elect the president and vice president?

No the people of the U.S.A. vote and the and the person with the most vote from that state gets the electoral college votes

Who is the president chose by?

The president is chosen by the United States. People vote. Whoever gets the most votes is elected.

Do the people really vote for president?

No, the vote for president is called the popular vote and that does not count. When you cast your vote for president, you are actually voting for the electors to vote for the president.

Who votes for the delegates?

Delegates are the ones that vote for the president.

What are election votes?

It is when you vote for like .... the president or senate!

What part do electors play in naming a new president?

The electors are the people who actually elect the president. When the people vote for the president, they are actually choosing the electors who will cast the official votes for president.

Why do people say there vote doesn't count?

People say their vote doesn't count because the votes are not direct, you aren't voting for the president but for someone called an electorate from the electoral college to vote for you

Who really selects the President of the US?

The popular vote drives the electoral college's vote. In the US, 270 electoral votes are required for a presidential win. See link: