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It depends. Because of the checks and balances of the USA's three branches of government, they all have power in their own areas.

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Q: Does the Legislative branch dominate in today's government?
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What major government today did it serve as a model for?

Todays Goverment the United States if America we all have a say in the goverment

Explain the significance of the house of burgesses and the mayflower compact for todays US government?

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Does Jefferson's warning that courts have too much power apply to the courts today?

I don't recall Jefferson saying that but I do agree with it from todays perspective. Due to some bad reasoning in various decisions the courts have developed an attitude that almost any dispute can become grounds for a constitutional argument and they are increasingly limiting the ability of the people to govern themselves through the legislative process by declaring ever greater spheres of human activity to be constitutionally protected rights despite the fact that the text of the constitution is devoid of even the slightest reference to these things. They are thus changing the meaning of the constitution without the consent of the people of the several states as provided for in the amendment clause of Article five. Michael Montagne I partially agree with Jefferson's intelligance in this statement. Government is given too much power but it's not just that fact that allows them so much of our nation's power. Government is not only given power but it takes power as well. Every time they do so it's just something small such as tax, so as not to get our citizens of America suspicious. Our people have allowed this to happen over and over again without fighting back and sometimes without even awknowledgement of the situation it's put itself in. Government has power we could not imagine at the moment. If they wanted to lock us inside our house forever until we die they could. The power is given to government no doubt and not very easily changed. It's wether our citizens of America know how much is too much and know when to stop what's happening.

How does the stamp act affect us today?

the stamp act effects us today because it mad3e the war so their for if it would not have happened w wouldnt have had the war and todays life would not be the same

What is the role of citizens in a representative government?

do ur own hwwIn a Republic such as the United States: the citizens duties are to pay taxes, vote, and (voluntarily) serve in the Military. Part of voting to keep informed on issues that relate to you, and to fact-check and confirm information from suspect sources (most cable news).

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Which branch of your federal government is most important in todays world?

I believe that the legislative branch is the most important because it makes all of our laws like where to put a stop sign so crashes are less likely to happen. Without laws the world would be chaos. it is also there to make people feel safer.

Would Sam Huff dominate in todays NFL?

Most definitely!

Why was the system of check and balances built into the Constitution?

so that no one brach (legislative, judicial, or executice) would gain too much power and take over the government. With todays government, the three branches have power over each other to keep themselves fairly equal.

What affects did greek government have on todays government?

Ancient Greeks gave their citizens a right to vote.

Why was the system of checks and balances built into the constitution?

The Founders were very suspicious and cynical, even contemptuous of, government. They understood that, over time, liberty would diminish as government power grew. Checks and balances prevents one branch of the federal government from dominating over the other two and becoming too powerful.

When we need help with levels of government we dont understand them who do we ask?

We should ask history. We should look to what we wish to see in our government. Then understand in todays government.. $$ talks. Then get lots of $$.

What major government today did it serve as a model for?

Todays Goverment the United States if America we all have a say in the goverment

What is the lasting impact of Rome on todays society?

The lasting Impact of ancien rome is the way the government was formed and how the climate has changed.

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the reason is that computer are fastest devise in the world & then information & computer are highly related.

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