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The US Vice President travels in Air Force Two.

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No, he uses Marine Squadron HMX-1

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Q: Does the vice president have his own air force one?
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What is the name of the president airplane he travel in?

Any aircraft the president boards instantly assumes the callsign "Air-force One"

What is the difference between the Presidents airplanes Air Force 1 and Air Force 2?

Air Force One is the Air Traffic Control call sign for any aircraft carrying the president. Air Force Two can be an identical aircraft, carrying the Vice President.

Who was vice president when john f Kennedy's president?

Lyndon Johnson was the vice-president when Kennedy died. Johnson was sworn in as President while sitting in Air Force One the day Kennedy died.

By president how many times has air force one been flown?

The President does not fly Air Force One- he flies ON Air Force One

Where was the vice president when JFK was shot?

Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson was in the same motorcade as President Kennedy in Dallas, Texas. Johnson was two cars back in the motorcade.

Why does the prisdents use air force one?

the president uses air force one because that air port is safe and secured for the president

What is Air Force One's nickname?

Air Force One will remain Air Force One no matter who the President is.

What is the name of the airplane that the president flies on?

Whatever plane the President is on, it's radio call sign is Air Force One. That is not the name of the plane itself, just a radio call sign. The president uses one of several different planes. The helicopter radio call sign is Marine One.

Which is the air craft for American president?

Air Force One.

Is there an air force one if the president is not on board?


Who was the first president to fly on Air Force One?

The current president and his family use air force one

Who uses the air force One plane?

The Air Force One plane is primarily used by the President of the United States. It is the official aircraft for the President when traveling domestically or internationally.