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Q: Gerhard lenski claimed that which of the following has the greatest power to shape a society?
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Gerhard Lenski used the concept sociocultural evolution?

Its a concept used by Gerhard Lenski to refer to how technological innovation changes and shapes society. it is thus a process of change that results in a society gaining new information, including technology, leading to development.

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The type of society that has the greatest energy needs is the industrialized society, like the European nations.

What factors would gerhard Lenski's approach highlight as bringing about change in a society?

Gerhard Lenski's approach highlights technological advancement, population size, and environmental conditions as factors that can bring about societal change. He argues that changes in these factors lead to changes in social structure and cultural values within a society.

What has the author Gerhard Budin written?

Gerhard Budin is a renowned scholar in translation studies and computational linguistics. He has authored numerous publications on machine translation, translation technology, and terminology management. Budin's work often focuses on the intersection of language, technology, and society.

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