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It has freedom and the ability to control the government in a way thats good for the people!

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Q: Good things about a democratic government?
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Type of government - Delaware when it was a colony?

it was a good government

Diff between a democratic government and a non democratic government?

a democratic govnt is the USA's way of doing things. A non democratic govnt doesn't have elections or give the people choices. It would be like a dictator running the country

Which levels of government are good examples for a democratic process?

None who knows

What makes the Saudi Arabian government non democratic?

There are many things that make the Saudi Arabian government non democratic. The government handles issues without any consultation and policies are formulated in a dictatorial manner.

What makes the british government a good system?

Because it's a democratic one

Who has the power in a democratic government?

The people have the power in the democratic government.

Is Italy's government a democratic?

Yes Italy's government is a Democratic.

Is India's government democratic?

India has a democratic system of government. It is the largest democratic country in the world.

Does India has a democratic government?

Yes, India has an elected democratic government.

Does Russia have a autocratic oligarchic or democratic government?

It has a democratic government I think

Is Zambia's type of government democratic?

Yes, Zambia has a democratic government.

What is your opinion of WikiLeaks?

It is insensitive and stupid to post such things. Wikileaks is legal, but unnecessary and dangerous to many people worldwide. While exposing any bad things the government does is a good thing and part of the basis for the First Amendment, computer hacking and trying to overthrow democratic governments are not good things to do.