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Q: Great Britain repealed all the taxes on imports except for the one on what?
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What are Great Britain's imports?

Virtually everything. Britain's manufacturing industries are all but gone.

When did they cancel the sugar act?

In 1766 Great Britain repealed the Sugar Act and replaced it with the Revenue Act of 1766.

Why did imports from great Britain to American colonies sink to zero in 1776?

They were at war... The American Revolution

What is the year of repeal of stamp act?

On March 18, 1766, the Parliament of Great Britain repealed the Stamp Act and passed the Declaratory Act.

What was the British reaction to the Stamp Act protests?

The British did not like the Stamp Act because it caused the colonies to boycott trade with Great Britain. As a result, the Parliament of Great Britain repealed the Stamp Act and replaced it with the Declaratory Act.

What food stuff was heavily purchased from the North by Great Britain?

At the time of the American Civil War, grain products were being heavily purchased by Great Britain. They were importing 40% of their wheat or corn products from the North. The shortage of cotton, however, was made up by imports from India and Egypt, therefore, they were not as dependent on imports from the south.

The colonial governments were similar to Great Britain's except the colonies?

the queen of england

What continent did Britain power major on?

At different times, Great Britain has been a major power on every continent except South America and Antarctica.

What was the decloratory act?

The Declaratory Act was an act of the Parliament of Great Britain. It repealed the Stamp Act of 1765 because boycotts were hurting British trade, using the declaration to justify the repeal.

What were amendments that were repealed?

Notably, the "Great and Noble Experiment" as the 18th Amendment was called (Prohibition). Enacted in 1920, it was repealed in 1933.

What were the factors in the rise of prewar Japanese authoritarianism?

The factors mirrored Great Britains. Both Britain & Japan were ISLAND Empires. Island empires depend upon trade, specifically imports. Great Britain colonized a large part of the support their kingdom. The United States of America was once a colony of Great Britain. The US fought Great Britain to break away from them, in the Revoluntionary War 1776. The language of the United States is ENGLISH; the official language of Great Britain. Japan did the same thing that Britain did, only instead of fighting a war with the US in 1776, they did it in 1941.

In 1551 Great Britain passed a law banning all sports on December 25 except for what sport?