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Morgan got its name from LDS leader

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Q: How Morgan County got its name?
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How did Somerset County get the name?

It got its name from the county in England called Somerset.

How did Duchesne County get its name?

Duchesne County got it's name from the city of Duchesne, where the county seat is located.

Where is the Morgan County Library in Morgan located?

The address of the Morgan County Library is: 50 North 100 West, Morgan, 84050 9999

What is the population of Morgan county Indiana 2011?

As of the 2010 census, the population in Morgan County, Indiana was 68,894. The estimated population in Morgan County was 69,201 in 2011.

How Garfield county got its name?

It is the name of the first settler their

Where is the Morgan county herald engagement announcement of Terry Lee Sayatovich?

its in the Morgan County Herald

How dorset got its name?

It comes from the name of its county town, Dorchester

Is Morgan county named after Nancy Morgan hart?


What is county 52 in Alabama?

Morgan County, AL is 52.

What is the abbreviation for Morgan County in Ohio?

Counties do not normalily have abbreviations, but for Morgan County, it would most likely be: MG,OH.

What is the population of Morgan County WV?

According to, the 2007 population estimate of Morgan County, West Virginia, is 14,943.

What is the area of Morgan County WV?

According to, the area in square miles of Morgan County, West Virginia, is 229.67.