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Q: How are independent executive agencies different from cabinet executive agencies?
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Why are independent agencies called independent?

Independent agencies are given their name because they are not part of the Cabinet. They are agencies which are independent from the cabinet. Some examples may be executive agencies, government corporations, and regulatory commissions.

Which are not independent agencies of the national bureaucracy?

Independent agencies- called "independent" because they are not part of the Cabinet. Three types: * Executive agencies * Government corporations * Regulatory commissions

What are the fours divisions of the executive branch?

The president, Vice President, cabinet members are the executive branch

Why are their independent agencies outside of the cabinet?

Headed by a Cabinet secretary Independent agencies are part of the executive branch Established through separate statutes passed by the Congress.To bypass the checks and balances built-in to the US Constitution.Independent agencies operate outside the executive department to oversee the operations of the national government etc

What is an executive agency?

An executive agency is a part of the government that carries out programs and operations not performed by the legislature or judiciary. In the US, these agencies of the executive branch are under the authority of the President, and almost all are part of a cabinet department.

Does the Executive branch include hundreds of independent agencies that work independently of the cabinet and the president?

No it doesn't. :D

What are 4 divisions of the executive branch?

The four main divisions of the executive branch in the United States are the President, the Vice President, the Cabinet, and executive departments and agencies. Each plays a specific role in carrying out the functions of the executive branch of government.

What the 4 divisions of the executive branch?

1. Cabinet departments 2. Independent agencies 3. government corporations 4. regulatory agencies

What are executive agencies?

Independent executive agencies are agencies under the executive branch that lie outside the jurisdiction of the cabinet departments. The independent executive agencies, in the federal system, are those agencies set up by the President of the United States. In the state systems, they are those set up by the Governors of the states. In both the state and federal systems, these agencies often have more power than agencies set up by statute.

Which of these is one the main parts of the federal bureaucracy?

the supreme court

What branch handles foreign policy?

The executive branch of the United States government has the most responsibility for handling foreign policy. The executive branch consists of the president, Cabinet, and independent agencies.

What are the agencies of the executive branch that make of the cabinet?