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He voted in favor of the Conneticut Compromise (The Great Compromise) he signed the Constitution. He was against slavery because North Carolina was a large state and the smaller states wanted to count them as people for there population. (They came up with the 3/5 Compromise). Because the Virginia plan allowed the bigger states to have more power.

You sign a paper that says you are for/against what you are voting for.

Experts don't know if they signed at the Convention in Penssylvania in 1787 or not.

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Q: How did Hugh williamson vote?
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Hugh Williamson married Maria Apthorpe in January 1789

When was Hugh Ross Williamson born?

Hugh Ross Williamson was born on January 2, 1901, in Romsey, Hampshire, England, UK.

When did Hugh Ross Williamson die?

Hugh Ross Williamson died on January 13, 1978, in Westminster, London, England, UK.

Who did Hugh williamson marry?

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Hugh williamson bicameral or unicameral?


Was Hugh Williamson an antifederalist?

Hugh Williamson was not an Anti Federalist. Although his views started to lean toward the Anti Federalist views, he was still considered a Federalist.

How many kids did Hugh williamson have?

2 sons

Why did Hugh Williamson sign the Constitution?

Because it was the right thing to do

What did Hugh Williamson think of slaves?

he was not liking the tought of slavery

Which of the founding fathers was interested in writing climate of north America?

Hugh Williamson

What philosophy influenced Hugh Williamson?

He had a Political Phisolophy. He joined the American Philosophical Society.

Why did Hugh Williamson not like slavery?

because he wanted to free so he can have the right to do anything