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Although war has been advancing since it's dawn, nothing truly sewed the seeds for Modern Weaponry like the weapons used in World War 1. Tanks, Aircraft, Machine Guns, Submarines, and Poison Gass are all words we still hear today when we talk about Modern Weaponry, the only difference being that these weapons have since become slicker, faster, and more efficient at killing people than ever before. The answer to how these weapons evolved is simple... Newton's Law; "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction". In other words, every time a country introduced a bigger, badder way of killing people, Another Country would have to invent a bigger, badder way of defending itself. And so after several years of making guns better to outpower other weapons, we have came to the weapons we see today. What's important to note, is that while we continue to make better weaponry, Newton's Law will continue to haunt us with worse and worse weapons.

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Q: How did Modern Weaponry in World War I lead to your weapons today?
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