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New England Colonies/ NY, NJ, PA, and Delaware were usually fishing villages or farming communities along the more fertile land along the rivers. While the rocky soil in the New England Colonies was not as fertile as the Middle or Southern Colonies, the land provided rich resources including timber that was valued for building of homes and ships.

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The climate of the New England colonies was similar to each other but far different than that found in the Chesapeake colonies. The climate was cold, had a short growing season, and the soil was rocky. New Englanders lived longer than colonists in the South because they did not suffer the subtropical diseases of the South. Families were fairly large in New England, with most living near each other. Farming was difficult because of the rocky soil. Most New England farms and homes were surrounded by rock walls, as there was nothing else to do with the rocks once they were cleared from the land for farming. Most of the crops consisted of grains, corn, squash, beans, nuts, and fruits. The farms were small family farms, nothing commercial. Whaling was an important economic activity. Fishing and trade were also important. There was also some ship building and supplying supplies for ships.

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new England's Natural Resources helped its commerce by joining the vikings

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Q: How did New Englands's natural resources help its commerce?
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