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He believed free blacks could immigrate to a territory on the west coast of Africa.

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Q: How did William Lloyd garrison think slavery could be ended?
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Why did william lloyd garrison leave massachusetts?

He did this so he could talk about anti-slavery, & how slavery was wrong. He was kinda a preacher for anti-slavery....

Why did William Lloyd garrison leave Massachusetts in1829?

He did this so he could talk about anti-slavery, & how slavery was wrong. He was kinda a preacher for anti-slavery....

Who did Fredrick Douglass meet that encouraged him to give a speech about slavery?

William Lloyd Garrison, founder of the weekly journal the Liberator and abolitionist newspaper. You know you could just refer to Wikipedia.

Why was William Lloyd Garrison imprisoned?

In 1829, the ever controversial William Lloyd Garrison wrote a story accusing Francis Todd of mistreating slaves on his ship (Todd was a slave trader/shipper) in Lundy's Genius of Universal Emancipation. He was found for libel and spent 49 days in jail because he wouldn't apologize.Another source reports that his time in jail was due to the fact he could not post bail.Garrison is famous for founding the American Anti-Slavery Society.

What was William Lloyd Garrison's most important accomplishment?

Garrison is famous for being the one of the most prominent (and certainly the most radical) leader in the Abolitionist Movement of the 19th Century in the United States. He was a newspaper editor and publisher, founder and President of the American Anti-Slavery Society, and campaigned for 40 years against slavery. After the American Civil War, he went on to become an important figure in the Woman's Suffrage Movement and the Temperance Movement.

What did William Lloyd Garrison do to fight against slavery?

by having a kidney disease

What is the term for persons who wanted to ban slavery in the US?

the north. most northern people were abolitionists, so that means they didnt like the idea of slavery. there were few abolitionists in the south, and they could be black or white. hope this helps you!

How big was a roman garrison?

A garrison does not have a specific size. It is a force of soldiers assigned to guard a certain place such as a town or road. The term garrison is generally used to mean a force of 50 or more men, often a company or battalion.

Abolitionists tried to change peoples ideas about tolerating slavery true or false?

True. In the run-up to the Civil War, most people in the North were not especially outraged by the continuation of slavery in its original heartlands. Partly because it yielded the sizable cotton revenues, they saw it as normal or 'natural'. But the extension of slavery into the new Western territories did not seem 'natural'; it also signalled the danger of the South becoming rich enough to break away and form a separate nation, taking the cotton revenues with them. The Abolitionists, led by Lloyd Garrison, insisted on outright abolition of all slavery. In due course, this happened, largely because Lincoln had used the Emancipation Proclamation as an effective but unusual war measure that could not be rescinded after the war.

What was a bad thing abot colonial Pennsylvania?

They had slavery, but William Penn (The Founder of the colony) promoted good treatment for slaves they could marry each other etc.

When could slavery be ended?

slavery ended a while ago

After slavery was abolished why slaves could vote?

Salves could not vote for many years after slavery was abolished.