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A poll tax was a tax levied on every adult in the community that voted. Although it was not a significant source of income it did make the government large sums of money.

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Q: How did poll tax impact the government?
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What was the Poll Tax 1300?

The Poll Tax was a riot which started by the peasants revolting. The peasants revolted because of poll tax. Poll tax is basically something that the government decides to do. The Government decides that we should pay higher tax prices. But the Peasants revolted because they thought it was wrong.

How did the poll tax impact the 15th amendment?

it didnt

Which statement best explains the impact of a poll tax on black voters in Georgia?

the poll tax meant fewer black people could vote

What statement best explains the impact of a poll tax for black voters in Georgia?

The poll tax meant fewer black people could vote

What tax was outlawed by the 24th amendment?

the Poll tax

How did poll tax effect African Americans?

With the government eliminating poll taxes, it allowed many more to be able to vote.

What has the author Coral Jones written?

Coral Jones has written: 'The impact of the poll tax in London'

What is a tax on voters?

In the constitution, Tax on voters is called Poll tax

What is poll tax in Philippines constitution?

A poll tax in the Philippines Constitution is a tax that is levied on each citizen to raise monies to support the government. It is typically raised in order for that person to be able to go to the polls to vote.

Of the following which is not a function of political amendments?

create a perfect government

What kind of tax is a poll tax?

A Poll tax is a direct tax. A poll tax, head tax, or capitation is a tax of a uniform, fixed amount per individual (as opposed to a percentage of income).

What term refers to a tax that people have to pay before being allowed to vote?

A fixed tax to be paid before a person could vote was and is called a poll tax. Because it is a fixed amount per person, it could also be called a Head Tax.