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Q: How did stuarts gain power back from cromwell?
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Did oliver cromwell give power to his army?

he used his army to gain power

How did the Stuarts gain control of England back?

After Oliver Cromwell died, the English people no longer had a ruler or leader. They extended an invitation to Charles II, son of Charles I, to return to England as King. They did have conditions, Charles II could not change the national religion from protestant to catholic.

Why did people call oliver cromwell greedy when he refused the crown?

People called Oliver Cromwell greedy when he refused the crown because they believed that he wanted to hold absolute power and feared that he would become a dictator. They saw his refusal as a strategic move to consolidate power and gain more control over the government. Additionally, Cromwell was known for his ambition and desire for power, which further fueled these beliefs.

What is a Decibel power gain?

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Why did englands citizens restore the monarchy after the rule of Oliver Cromwell?

Oliver Cromwell took control of England's government and placed himself as Lord Protector of England after the monarchy was abolished. However, citizens were frustrated by continuing instability in England. Many citizens also disliked Cromwell's Puritan ideas. Even though Cromwell had the support of the military, his son could not gain the people's favor after Cromwell died. England restored the monarchy and offered the throne to Charles II.

Why did the Salem witch trails take place?

Because since the "government" was losing power and the lower class or the people were starting to gain power, they wanted to find a way to gain their power back. Especially since power included: money and land which were really important at those times.

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the Phoenicians gain power by...answer coming soon.

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how did the kiings gain of power in europe

How do government leaders in china gain power?

do government leaders in china gain power

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Morocco wanted to gain power over Western Sahara.

What was it like for the roman catholics when the church attempted to gain power?

The church was very wealthy back then. It came down to the poor and the rich.

Why do you think Cleopatra was attracted to Caesar?

she actually was not attracted to him but she used him as a way to gain back her power after her older brother forced out of the throne.he fell in love with her and she got her power back.all are happy