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16th Aug 1780. Some of the US force fled before a shot was fired. Tarlton, commanding the British cavalry attacked the remainder from the rear. British casualties 312, US 800 with 1 000 prisoners & 8 guns captured.

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Yes, they did. 2000 militiamen were (leaded by Horatio Gates) defeated by Cornwallis's army on 16 August , 1780.

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Q: How did the British win Camden?
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The British casualties were only 324.

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In battle in the south, British victories didn't seem to matter. The British won at Charleston and Camden, but the Americans kept retreating but not giving up.

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Lord Charles Cornwallis.

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The Battle of Camden was fought in the American colony of New Jersey. It was fought between the British Army and the Continental Army of the British colony in North America.

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