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people from Nebraska still went into to vote for the south presidental candidate in a northern state.

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Q: How did the Kansas Nebraska Act fail?
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The allowed Southerners to take their slaves with them into Kansas and Nebraska.?

Kansas-Nebraska act

Who was involved in the Kansas Nebraska act?


What territories were mentioned in the Kansas Nebraska Act?

Kansas and Nebraska

What is true about the kansas Nebraska act?

Kansas and Nebraska were created after the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854. The reason for this Act was to open new farmland and create a Transcontinental Railroad.

Who Proposed Kansas-Nebraska Act?

Stephan A. Douglas proposed the Kansas Nebraska Act in 1854.

Which of the acts repealed part of The Missouri Compromise?

The Missouri Compromise was effectively ended by the Kansas-Nebraska Act, however since there was still turmoil as to the "Bleeding Kansas" dispute, it was thought that the Kansas-Nebraska Act would be shortly overturned. The Dred Scott decision by the Supreme Court further strengthened the elimination of the Missouri Compromise and the institution of slavery north of the Mason-Dixon Line by ruling that slaves were not able to take cases to court.

What is a good sentence for Kansas Nebraska act?

The Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854 called for "popular sovereignty."

Who was the author of the nebraska-kansas act?

Stephen Douglas

Is Nebraska or Kansas a better state in the Kansas and Nebraska act?

Nebraska had less problems than Kansas so Nebraska is a better state

Who organized the Nebraska territory?

Kansas Nebraska Act

What year was the kansas-nebraska act passed by congress?

The Kansas-Nebraska Act was passed on May 30, 1854.1"854

What would not be considered an old solution to the slavery issue in the mid-1850s?

Kansas-Nebraska Act A+ answer