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The cold war changed history by discouraging the use of nuclear weapons by all countries. Politicians as well as the general public realized that the use of nuclear weapons would have a disastrous outcome.

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They reduced Cold War tensions by limiting the threat each superpower posed to the others security.

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Q: How did the cold war change history?
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How does this fit into the cold war?

All of world history from WWII until today is conected to the cold war

What era in history followed World War 2?

Cold War

Why do you learn about the Cold War?

Cold war was a significant period of our recent history that shaped the international relationships for many decades.

How did the Cold War effect history today?

it really didnt

How was America's economy after the Vietnam war?

No change; the cold war was still on.

How did the Cold War change after the Cuban Missile Crisis?

It didn't change. Nothing changed the Cold War until the Berlin Wall came down in 1989.

How did the Cold War change Tanzania?

it became wealthy

What is the name of the period of world history that began at the end of world war ii?

The 'Cold' war .

What is a nuclear freeze history?

when nukes are launched and the war turns cold

Why do you still talk about the cold war?

because it was it was a important day in history.

Who introduce the word COLD WAR?

Those aren't actual introductory words, the Cold War did exist in history, look it up for extra information

How did the Korean War affected on history?

The Korean War was the FIRST "Hot" Battle of the Cold War; a war against communist aggression.