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When England closed Boston Harbor, they accidentally gave the colonists a way to meet. Other colonies brought supplies to Boston since nothing could be imported or exported. Thus the first Continental Congress resulted.

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Q: How did the colonists react to intolerable act?
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What act did the british react The Intolerable Acts?

The shot and killed all of the colonists

What were the intolerable acts and how did colonists react to them?

Intolerable acts pissed dem off 1st grade answer

What was the colonists name for the Coercive Act?

the colonists nicknamed the coersive acts the intolerable acts..

What were The Intolerable Acts and how did the colonists react to them?

Intolerable acts pissed dem off 1st grade answer

Who involve in the intolerable act?

the british and colonists

What was the intolerable act known in England?

this was topunish the colonists

Who got affected by the intolerable act?

The colonists (mostly the Massachusetts colony) got affected by the Intolerable Acts.

Why does the intolerable acts have two names?

the colonists called it the intolerable acts but it was formally known as coercive act

Why did the intolerable act make colonists so angry?

taxation without representation

Why did the colonists call the act the intolerable act?

because they had no say in laws they were forced to obey

How did the intolerable act affect the colonists?

i think because they dint like them

What are intolerable act?

regulations that limited the freedom of the colonists. By: April Miranda