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Q: How did the log cabin and hard cider campaign of 1840 demonstrate the nature of the two party system in the new democracy?
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Who was the democracy of France?

Democracy is not a person, it is a system of government.

How do yeasts and bacteria demonstrate microbial antagonism?

Yeast and bacteria can compete for nutrients and space in their environment through the process of microbial antagonism. This competition can result in the production of antimicrobial substances, such as organic acids or enzymes, that inhibit the growth of other microorganisms. Additionally, some microbes can physically interfere with the growth of others by forming biofilms or producing toxins.

What type of democracy did New France have?

It did not have a democracy. It had a feudal system.

What kind of democracy is the Indian political system?

A parlimentary democracy

What did the us system of government inherit from the greek system of government?

it inherited democracy, democracy originated in greece.

What is Quasi Democracy?

The term quasi democracy means a system which has some resemblance to democracy without being actual democracy.

Do you think democracy is a such suitable system for multiracial country?

The United States has democracy. Brazil has democracy. Both countries are multiracial. The system seems to work for both of them.

What is the system of government in which voters choose representatives to govern them?

The system of government in which voters elect representatives to make laws for them is called a republic, or sometimes some people call it a representative democracy.

What are the nature of the financial system?

nature of financial system in India?

Will biparty system be more affected than democracy in India?


What is the system of government where power lies in the hands of all the citizens?


What is demacracy?

If democracy is what you mean, it is a form of government. The United States, for example, is a democracy. A democracy is the belief that the the government is run by "the people". In order for a nation to be considered a democracy, it must have a voting system.