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They don't tax a 1099 form. A 1099 form is an information return. The payer sends the recipient the 1099 form letting them know how much they paid them in the prior year. The payer sends the 1099 form to the IRS as well. The recipient reports this income on Form 1040. The IRS then double checks that what was paid, was received.

The IRS uses the 1099 forms to double check but also to gain information. They can follow the money and then tax money flow when they feel like it.

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Q: How does the government tax a 1099 form?
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What is a the 1099 tax form for?

Best way to find out what a tax form 1099 is for is to telephone your nearest or local tax office and they will be able to assist and advise you on what this form is for and how it needs to be filled out.

I need my 1099 tax form ?

I need my SS 1099 for 2010

Where can I get information on a 1099 tax form?

You can find information about the 1099 tax form, as well as other tax forms, on the IRS website at

Where can I get a tax form 1099?

Visit to find and download the 1099 tax form. As an aside you should always make sure you are downloading the form, and indeed any other formal/legal documents from a legitimate government website.

Where and what is the tax form 1099?

The easiest and simple way to find out what a tax form 1099 is, would be to call your local tax office, or even an accountant would be able to advise you what this form is about and for. You can find the number for your local tax office by looking online.

What do you do with a 1099 tax form?

A 1099 tax form reports income that may be taxable. You will include this amount as income on your 1040 federal tax return form. It may also be taxable at the State and local level, depending on where you live.

Do i attach form 1099-int to my California state income tax?

No the copy of the 1099-INT would not be attached to the income tax return.

where do i send my 1099 form to?

Your 1099 form will need to be submitted to the IRS along with your tax return before the April 15 deadline.

Where can I find a 1099 tax form?

You can get a 1099 tax form from any IRS. office or down load one from their official web site or you can ask them to email one to you and just print it off

1099 tax formw2 tax form calculator?

You need to clarify your question. It makes no sense as is.

Could you inform me about form 1099?

Form 1099 is one of many IRS tax forms. This form actually refers to a whole series of them. They are used to report income that is not salary, wages or tips. Various letter combinations are used with 1099 to specify the income type that can include interest, government payments as well as numerous other categories.

What is needed for a 1099 tax form to be used?

In order to fill out the 1099 tax form you will need specific types of information. Information such as crop insurance proceeds and medical and health care payments made.