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Some Presidents name the person they want to be their succesor. Andrew Jackson pushed for Van Buren. Eisenhower helped Nixon in his first run. Others do some campaigning for the nominee of their party after the choice is made by their party.

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Q: How does the president address presidential succession?
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What is Presidential Succession and give examples?

Presidential succession is when a president is unable to discharge the duties of president.

How are the terms presidential succession and the presidential succession act are related?

presidential succession is the order in which the office of president is to be filled

How does the constitution ensure a smooth transition of power in event of presidential disability?

if a president is unable to fufil his duties, the vice president takes over the presidency the constitution ensures a smooth transition by designating a specific person for theis job

What is presidential succession?

Presidential succession is the order in which one person follows another chronologically in the Office of the President.

According to the Presidential Succession act of 1947 which of these officers follows the vice president in the line of presidential succession of what house?

Speaker of a house.

How does the constitution and presidential succession act of 1947 address the issue of the presidential succession?

It specifies the full line of succession should the president no longer be able to serve. The Vice-President has always been second in line, but the Act specifies the next 18 places, including the Speaker of the House in 3rd, President pro tempore of the Senate in 4th, and on down the line of Cabinet Secretaries.

What was the informal amendment involving the presidency in the 25th amendment?

The 25th Amendment to the US constitutionestablishesguidelinesfor succession of the office of the president.

Were is the speaker of the house in the presidential line of succession?

The Speaker would replace the President if there were no vice-president.

What is the act called the fills in the vacated positions of the president and vice president?

The Presidential Succession Act

What did the constitution originally say about presidential succession?

Originally, congress was to decide who was next in line for office after the Vice President. The 25th Amendment changed presidential succession to what it is today.

After Barack Obama who is president?

Vice-president Joe Biden is next in line in the presidential order of succession.

In case the president is disabled the way the vice president is determined by the?

B. Presidential Succession Act.