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A President can serve no more than two terms. In the event of someone becoming President during a term (if the President dies, is impeached and removed, etc.), that counts as one of the two terms if the new President serves at least two years. This means the absolute longest amount of time anyone could serve as President is nine years, 364 days.

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The president can be elected for two terms. However, if someone becomes president due to the death or resignation of the president and serves less than two years, that person is still eligible to be elected to two four-year terms.

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a maximum of two terms

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2 4 year term

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Q: How many can the presidents have terms for?
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How many presidents did not serve both terms?


How many terms in office did many presidents after Washington limit them selves to?

2 terms of 8 years

Washington set a precedent for terms served by presidents by serving how many terms and then stepping down?

he served two terms

How many US vice presidents have finished terms for presidents?

Nine presidents had their terms finished by the vice-president, Eight of these died in office-( four from assassination and four from natural cause ) and one resigned before his term was over.

Washington set a precedent for terms served by presidents by serving how many terms and then steppin gdown?

George Washington served two terms.

How many of your first 10 presidents served 2 terms?

5 of the first 10 presidents were re-elected for a second term.

What is the Length of the presidents and vice presidents terms?

4 yrs

How many presidents to serve two separate terms?

Grover Cleveland is the only one.

How many years did they have to be presidents?

A term is 4 yrs with 2 terms max if reelected (US)

How many president terms is 3 years?

none. a presidents term lasts 4 years.

What president was the only man to serve two full four year terms of the US?

Many presidents have served two full terms.

What is a presidents max terms?